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Operating conditions and performance requirements can change significantly over the working life of a plant. In response, DHF-TS has developed up-to-date solutions for air coolers in order to address our customers’ changing application requirements.

The DHF-TS solution

Based on a customer query, our team proceeds to collect data and carry out on-site assessment using HTRI and surveys.

The DHF-TS team reports its findings and suggests budgeted performance & lifetime enhancement recommendations for its client’s air coolers, to ensure:

  • Increased production
  • Increased efficiency and energy savings
  • Equipment life extension
  • Improved reliability and availability

DHF-TS benefits

The DHF-TS team is uniquely positioned to deliver air cooler upgrade, by providing you with:

  • OEM expertise and multi-discipline engineering capability
  • Cross-functional project organizations
  • Continuous support through all stages of a given project
  • Experience in providing our customers with a full scope of up-to-date solutions allowing DHF-TS to create projects that help its customers extend the life span of their assets.