illustration DHF-TS


Maritime or industrial environments can corrode and foul air coolers, which can lead to:

  • Accelerated degradation
  • Decrease in performance
  • Increase in power consumption

A periodic maintenance of your equipment will mitigate the effects of time.

The DHF-TS solution

The DHF-TS cleaner is a semi-automatic cleaning system built to pulverize high pressure water on to the aluminum fins. The DHF-TS cleaner spray nozzles are specially designed to consider fin brittleness.
Water is sprayed at a specific angle with a plan water jet pressure of 150 bars to strip the fins without damaging them.
This cleaning method allows the operators to work safely.
Moreover, they work from access ramps and not directly on the exchange surfaces.

DHF-TS benefits

DHF-TS’ cleaning system helps its clients to:

  • Avoid premature deterioration of the air cooler from corrosion or from incorrect manipulations during standard cleaning: acid scrapping or deterioration caused by a the inappropriate use of a high-pressure cleaner.
  • Maintain the cooler’s original efficiency
  • Integrate this program with a warranty extension in the maintenance plan
  • Find a solution adapted to their equipment

The DHF-TS cleaner increases direct energy savings:

  • A maintained surface is more efficient
  • Wear and tear of the fan motor is reduced.

The DHF-TS cleaner increases indirect savings:

  • A more efficient surface increases the Delta T and therefore preserves the equipment cooled by the air-cooler