illustration DHF-TS


Over time, general wear and tear and/or of requirements imposed by new industry standards, can cause unforeseen constraints on existing installations, such as:

  • Loss of thermal efficiency
  • Material degradation
  • Malfunction
  • Process deterioration.

Monitoring and specific knowledge are fundamental to ensure equipment’s survival and continued performance.

The DHF-TS solution

DHF-TS can offer customer support over the time to:

  • Carry out on-site assessments with a team of specialists
  • Make an equipment inventory and propose adapted technical solutions
  • Make available a broad area of ​​expertise: in acoustic, thermal, electrical and ventilation solutions.

A set of recommendations with guaranteed follow-up.

DHF-TS benefits

Solutions are specific and clients are ensured of:

  • Precise diagnosis of its installation
  • Identification of potential problems, solution-finding and recommendations to avoid future concerns.
  • Advice and training for its teams on equipment management

Reduction of installation downtime to ensure sustainability.