D’HONDT FRITERM THERMAL SOLUTIONS is a commercial Joint Venture of FRITERM and D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS dedicated to the design and manufacturing of non-API Industrial cooling and refrigeration equipment


Cumulating almost a hundred year of experience D’HONDT FRITERM THERMAL SOLUTIONS is the result of a close collaboration between two major players in the world of the Air cooled heat exchanger

FRITERM was founded in 1979 in Istanbul. Specialized on finned type heat exchangers, the company has developed its know-how and expertise by providing design, manufacturing, contract and sales services in Commercial Cooling, Industrial Cooling and Air Conditioning.

With over 70 years of experience in the field of heat exchange and located in France, D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS can address and resolve all clients’ needs in this field. D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS is a well-known partner in many industries and offers its products to Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Heavy Industry and refrigeration technology sectors.

For futher information, please visit our web sites www.friterm.com and www.dh-ts.com

Production facilities

Our production facilities are splitted into 2 sites:

  • The historical plant: 13.000 sqm Closed production area in Tuzla Istanbul,
  • The brand new factory: 38.000 sqm Closed production area in Dilovasi / Kocaeli,

We have then a total 51.000 sqm closed production area, fully equiped with high efficiency machines, with approximately 300 Qualified Employees, 40 of them being engineers.


The main milestones are the following:

1950:  Ateliers François D’HONDT start designing and manufacturing Shell & tubes

1986: Hamon & CO acquires d’Hondt
Hamon D’Hondt is  founded

 2007: Hamon D’Hondt Middle East
is established to offer fabrication in KSA

2013: Hamon D’Hondt Korea
is established to offer fabrication in Korea

2018: Grossmann GMBH
acquires 100% of Hamon D’Hondt shares from Hamon Group.
Hamon D’Hondt becomes DH-TS

 2019: In December 2019, with a new name, the former Hamon Heat Exchangers division (PHE) is writing its own history as D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS

1979: Creation of FRITERM in Tuzla

 1986: FRITERM starts manufacturing finned type heat exchangers

1996: FRITERM focuses on plain fin tube technology for coils and ventilated heat exchangers for HVAC and refrigeration, and then for Powergen and other industries

2018: set up of the brand new 2nd manufacturing facility in Dilovasi (36.000 m²). Total production area increases to 55.600 m²

 2021: DH-TS and FRITERM

Set-up a commercial JV – D’HONDT FRITERM THERMAL SOLUTIONS – dedicated to non-API products for Powergen and various industrial applications