illustration DHF-TS


Production slow down in Process Plants during times when ambient temperatures are higher than expected is a common problem, especially when the air cooler alone is incapable of producing the necessary new cooling duty required. Additional heat duty is then often required to ensure that process conditions will be met.

The DHF-TS solution

The DHF-TS system is a high-pressure misting system used to modify ambient climatic conditions. By evaporating billions of micro fine droplets into the air cooler’s air inlet, adiabatic cooling is attained and the evaporative effect results in a drop-in inlet temperature, resulting in increased efficiency. The evaporative cooling system effect on Air Cooled Heat Exchangers will have a direct positive effect on Process conditions.

DHF-TS benefits

The DHF-TS misting system offers clear advantages to its clients:

  • Immediate measurable positive cooling effect
  • Maximum evaporation capacity (total evaporation of the water used)
  • Adjustable cooling to desired level
  • No negative effect on airflow
  • No structural modification (no drilling or welding required)
  • Low capital expenditure
  • Adaptable with any existing air cooler or air condenser unit
  • Very short installation time – minimal operational downtime
  • High level of System simplicity