Extended scope of supply

Common supporting structure

We can supply a full scope of supporting structure designs manufactured according to customer specifications and local rules including:

  • Design calculation notes
  • Supporting structure
  • Upper access ladders and/or stairs
  • Front and back walkways
  • Peripherical handrails
  • Safety doors
Material and finishing on request: Hot dip Galvanization, Primer, Liquid or powder coating,  painting (class to be specified),…

Expansion tanks

Atmospheric or pressurized on high Steel structure

Atmospheric or pressurized embedded

Finishing on demand: Primer, Liquid painting (class to be specified, …)

Interconnection piping

 Full scope of piping and components to interconnect the  air cooler modules of an air cooler. It includes:

  • Main feeding pipes (diameter up to 30 inches)
  • Picking pipes from main pipes to module’s nozzles
  • Isolation valves – all types
  • Dilatoflex-type expansion joint
  • Instrument connections,
  • Supports,…

Finishing on request: Primer, Liquid painting (class to be specified,…)

Possibility to supply also vent and drain with  interconnection piping with relevant components: automatic vents, valves…

Circulation skid pumps

  • Capacity:
    From 100 to 1400 m3/h per pump
    Usually 2×100%
    TDH: up to 90 mCE
  • Pump: KSB, RENETRA or equivalent on demand,
  • Motors: LS, ABB or equivalent on demand
  • Impeller: Stainless steel
  • Shaft: Stainless steel
  • Instrumentation
  • Differential pressure gauge or transmitter
  • Chemical dosing tank

Finishing on demand: Primer, Liquid painting (class to be specified,…)


D’HONDT FRITERM THERMAL SOLUTION can propose sets of instrumentats including those listed below (but not limited too)

Adiabatic systems

Depending on atmospheric conditions and required Water outlet Temperature, D’HONDT FRITERM THERMAL SOLUTIONS can propose 3 different types of adiabatic systems.

Mid way between dry coolers and cooling Towers, these systems allow to reach a water temperature lower than ambient temperature by injecting water into ambient air and by increasing the RH percentage

Electrical supply

— Cabling

It is possible to supply the following equipment according to customer’s specifications and local rules :

  • Cables and cable tray routine sketches
  • Power and instrumentation cables
  • Power and instrumentation cable trays
  • Cable trays supports
  • Cable glands

Cabling scope can be realized partially or fully in our workshops

— Junction boxes

Basically supplied as connecting boxes:

Possibility to supply motor protections

— Fan step control cabinet

Installed on each module, this cabinet allows regulation through the control of  the water outlet temperature checked live for AC motor-fan

  • by starting/stopping groups of fans for AC motor-fan (single speed)
  • by adapting the fan speed for EC motor fans fan (variable speed)

This allows the reduction of the Electricity consumption and increases  fan life span

This cabinet includes:

  • Motor protection,
  • Electronic regulator
  • inlet/outlet signal (Digital and Analogic) on demand.

It can work completely independantly or can be driven by the customer’s MCC

— Frequency inverters cabinet

Installed on each module or in a cabinet common to various modules, this cabinet controls the Motor-fan speed according to water outlet temperature live checked

This allow to reduce Electricity consumption and to increase fans life span.

This cabinet includes:

  • Motor protection,
  • Frequency invertor (Brand on demand)
  • inlet/outlet signal (Digital and Analogic) on demand.

It can work completely independantly or can be driven by the customer’s MCC

— Complete MCC

We can provide an intercommunicating group of cabinets allowing the whole Air cooler to work in an autonomous way, communicating with the customer’s DCS

This MCC is made of:

  • 1 master cabinet interfacing with the customer’s DCS and slave cabinets
  • Several slave cabinets (1 per module) relaying the master’s cabinet set-up and running information

— Engineering support

Thanks to its center of expertise and to its 60 years’ experience in the field of Air cooled heat exchangers, D’HONDT FRITERM THERMAL SOLUTIONS offers its customer a wide range of training and engineering support:

  • Technical training sessions on non-API and API air coolers (or « how to learn everything about air cooled heat exchangers »)
  • Upstream Engineering support on air coolers:
  • Pre-engineering studies
  • Specification’s analyse and synthesis
  • Supplier’s proposal analys eand synthesis
  • Support to specifications editing
  • Support during execution phase (supplier’s follow-up,…)

For Engineering support D’HONDT FRITERM THERMAL SOLUTIONS acts like an impartial  consulting company, separated from the equipment sales department