Market & applications

illustration DHF-TS

Power generation



  • Diesel, gas or dual fuel Engine: Jacket Water + Lub oil cooling (HT Circuit) & After Cooler cooling (LT circuit) thanks to detached dual circuit HT/LT Air cooler, standard dry coolers and Customized Air coolers
  • Low duty Diesel, gas or dual fuel Engine cooling thanks to embedded coils.
  • Turbine Lub Oil cooling thanks to direct Lub Oil cooler, standard dry coolers or Customized Air coolers.
  • Auxiliary system(s) coupled to engine or turbine for Electricity production : Generator water/oil circuit cooling, Temperature sensor cooling,…
  • Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC): supply of the coils (bundles) located in the TIAC packages.
  • Electrical transformer’s dialectric oil or water circuit cooling
  • Biomass plants : Pressurized steam condensation at the boiler exit to limit as much as possible waste of water when part of the produced steam is not used thanks to an Air Cooled Condenser and subcooler package